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Portland Handweavers Guild

The Portland Handweavers Guild (PHG) has promoted excellence in handweaving, spinning and other fiber arts for over 60 years. Whatever your fiber interests, we hope that our programs will challenge you with new ideas and new directions to explore.


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The Gathering of the Guilds 2014

Our spring sale at The Gathering of the Guilds is coming up!  We will ‘gather’ with 4 other guilds, the Creative Metal Arts Guild, the Guild of Oregon Woodworkers, the Oregon Glass Guild, and the Portland Bead Society to form the Gathering of the Guilds this May at the Oregon Convention Center.


In addition to our amazing locally handcrafted pieces, we will have demonstrations, a free drawing of several projects that are collaboratively designed by artists from two or more of the guilds, a smaller PHG drawing, and Fashion Shows each day at 2 pm.


Plan to visit. The sale runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday; May 2, 3, and 4 at the Oregon Convention Center. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!




Message from President Rebecca Martin

You know how once something becomes of interest, you notice it more and more?  Take our theme of Fibre to Fashion with an emphasis on collaboration, I've noticed that collaboration is something many people are interested in and talking about these days. There were several artists I visited at the Crafty Wonderland show in December who enjoyed the idea of collaborating with a weaver/fibre artist.

I'm hearing from several of our members with ideas about reaching out and working with other organizations. The DaVinci middle school has a weaving program and there is an opportunity to be involved with fun, hands on events with a short time involvement to further inspire young people on a fiber path.


The Group Facilitator of the Karen (“Kah Ren”) Women of Portland has asked for a speaker from PHG. Several members expressed interest in going as a group. The Karen women would welcome a collaborative event with other weavers; a great way to connect and support these women. A beautiful, mutual exchange for all involved. Imagine an exhibit showcasing work coming from this venture.  "Weaving Connections" or just "Connections".  Weaving is a healing practice for them, as it is for us. See the write up in News and Events for more on these women and the organization working with them.  


Working with underprivileged youth is a combination of the above mentioned experiences. I have watched my teenaged student blossom from the joys of working with fiber and weaving his own creations by providing a sanctuary from his troubled world. It is art therapy, and has been as much a gift for me as it has for him. Expanding on this would be a good use of my time.  


Do you have a place or organization you want to share weaving, need assistance? Let's collaborate!

Rebecca Martin, PHG President


Brief Notes

Our Members-Only page is now up, containing our membership roster, PHG job descriptions, Policies and Procedures, and Bylaws. In addition we have current Newsletters from Guilds we exchange letters with.

We are now on Facebook. It offers a way to see what's new and share pictures of your weavings and projects. To go to FaceBook, click on the blue icon in the sidebar to the right.


Peruse the website for just about all the information about you need to know about PHG!

Margaret Zeps