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Guild Meetings

June 8, 2017


M - Q



Day Meeting: 9:30 set up and social time

10:00 am - 12:00 meeting


Evening: 6:30 pm set up & social time

 7:00 - 9:00 pm Meeting


 Both day and eve meetings:

The PHG Board has prepared a cash plan for the fiscal year July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018 and will ask the members to approve it at the meeting on June 8. Planning for a year of unknown opportunities and challenges requires that we consider where we are and how we can best serve our members in the coming year and beyond.
The cash plan includes our estimate of cash we can expect to receive through the year and what we may spend. Please note this important difference: The "cash outflows" are not what we intend to spend but rather the not-to-exceed amounts. This approach allows us to take advantage of opportunities, meet challenges, and provide for the Guild's future.



Multnomah Arts Center

7688 SW Capitol Hwy

Portland, OR  97219


Day mtg - Room 7

Evening mtg - Auditorium

 Board Meeting


June, 2017


 Board Members

7:00 pm

(all members welcome)

Multnomah Arts Center

7688 SW Capitol Hwy

Portland, OR  97219

If you are not a PHG member, you may still attend meetings as our guest.

Portland Handweavers Guild

Portland Handweavers Guild (PHG) was formally organized in September of 1945. As a member guild of Weaving Guilds of Oregon (WeGO) and the Association of Northwest Weavers (ANWG), we participate in their projects and take an active part in conference activities both as a group and as individuals. Most of our members come from within a 50 to 80 mile radius of the Portland (Oregon) Metropolitan Area.


Our purpose is:

  • To promote excellence in handweaving, spinning and related arts
  • To help weavers, spinners, and other fiber artists a place to advance their skills through speakers, workshops, study groups, and the use of our textile library and other resources
  • To educate the public about the traditions and value of handweaving through annual exhibits of members work, our Annual Sale, and through on-going public demonstrations of weaving, spinning and other fiber arts

The Portland Handweavers Guild (PHG) has promoted excellence in handweaving, spinning and other fiber arts for over 60 years. Whatever your fiber interests, we hope that our programs will challenge you with new ideas and new directions to explore.


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Members of PHG get a members rate on workshops, the PHG Newsletter with news about guild programs and other textile events, access to the PHG textile library collection, and more. Go to our Membership page to see the benefits.

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President's Letter

April was packed with PHG activity! The Guild began the month with its yearly retreat. As is the nature of creative gathering, there was plenty of energy and non-stop sharing. So I was told!

Next came WeGO with the spring meeting in Portland on April 8th. Guild reports spoke of diversity in Fiber Arts. Oregon weavers sustain 17 Guilds serving 800 members. Two weeks later The Gathering of the Guilds offered an amazing energy at the Oregon Convention Center.

Our community might assume that these events, and many more, are just the way things happen. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. The adventure of guild membership is challenging and one size will not fit all. PHG’s offering at the convention center sure was a wake up call. The team organizing PHG’s Spring Sale embraced change and it paid off.

Whether in our guild, or in the larger weaving and fiber arts community, change is something we all share. PHG’s community is served through questions and answers which push us out of our comfort zone. Seeing people, places, and things in a new light can open doors, generate activity, inspire and motivate a whole community of Fiber Artists into adventure.

If you haven’t reviewed PHG’s Newsletter for May, you need to do so. PHG is jam-packed with opportunities for adventure. Service opportunities include a new PHG board being created over the next month. Educational opportunities are too many to list here. The guild’s 2016 theme was “Fiber Artistry” and the upcoming MAC exhibit will demonstrate what that means for various artists in our community. For me, in one word, it’s “ Adventure”.

D. Joel Weber, President



A Letter to PHG Members from Sue Walsh

PHG Board Changes - Secretary Needed

Dear Members:
I have asked our President, Joel Weber, to include me on the slate of officers as a candidate for PHG President for 2017-18. I’ve been a member of PHG for many years and served on the Board in various roles including President, but I’ve been quiet for the past decade. I am ready to again serve the PHG membership.
We’re surrounded by change, whether from exploding growth in Portland or evolving weaving and fiber interests. Our lives seem to be more complicated and fast-paced than ever. If the Board is to serve the PHG membership, it also must change. An efficient and productive Board is fresh, in touch with the membership, and forward-looking so that it can anticipate and prepare for new demands. Our by-laws provide for an entirely new Board each year, but it’s something we haven’t seen in a long time. This built-in turnover should keep us renewed and prevent burnout and stagnation but only if everyone contributes at some point in time.
Over the next few months, I’ll revisit past member surveys and get additional input to get a better sense of what changes are most needed to improve member satisfaction and involvement, and in what priority.   One of my goals is to improve efficiency of Board and non-Board tasks to improve member satisfaction, enhance outreach and education, and give people incentive and desire to volunteer. Pat Zimmerman has graciously offered to be Treasurer, and others are coming forward to offer their services to fill the void once the current Board retires this June.
However, we need a Secretary to comply with requirements of our by-laws and the State of Oregon. The Secretary takes minutes of Board meetings and gets approval of those minutes (as may be corrected) from the Board. This is our official record of decisions. You need to be able to accurately capture the essential points of the Board meeting, but don’t really need to have Board experience. It’s a great opportunity for someone new to the Board or even a brand new PHG member. Please do consider this important role, and contact Joel or me if you want more information. Thank you, and I hope to have your support.
Sue Walsh


The Mannequin Project

PHG's Mannequin Project provided focus and opportunity for collaboration within 2014-15's theme "Fiber to Fashion". Inspiration came from The Maryhill Museum, which houses a most extraordinary collection of fashion, Théâtre de la Mode. This work originated from an amazing collaborative undertaking in Paris in 1945. PHG created a display of 10 mannequins that show how gorgeous handwoven cloth can be. Each mannequin is dressed in an outfit that is at least 50% handwoven. The mannequins have been on display at the Convention Center during our spring sale and have recently spent a few months in the windows at The Button Emporium in downtown Portland.





Many thanks to the sponsors of our roster:


Northwest Wools - www.northwestwools.com   503-244-5024


Eugene Textile Center - www.EugeneTextileCenter.com   541-688-1565


  Ruthie's Weaving Studio - www.RuthiesWeavingStudio.iwarp.com    503-232-7328 


 Multnomah Arts Center -  www.MultnomahArtsCenter.org   503-823-2787


Fiber Rhythm Craft and Design - http://Fiberrhythm.com   503-236-7318


 Damascus Fiber Arts School - www.DamascusFiberArtsSchool.com   503-558-1727


Yarnia - yarniapdx.com or customyarn.com 



Rosalie Neilson


Handweavers Guild


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Tom Knisely

Tom Knisely - handwoven Baby Blankets

Sharon's Peru trip

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