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Sharing the Joy of Textiles

Every year, the Portland Handweavers Guild sponsors sales to promote and support the work of professional weavers and other textile artists and to educate the public about our craft.


PHG's Semi-Annual Sales

Our semi-annual sales are held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland in the Spring, and at the Multnomah Arts Center in the Fall. The public is invited to these fun events featuring many Northwest weavers and fiber artists plus fashion shows, weaving and spinning demonstrations, and hands-on activities for adults and children.

Spring Sale News:

April 21-23, 2017
Gathering of the Guilds at the Oregon Convention Center
In the December newsletter, we introduced our Fiber Arts Sale, an updated version of our long-running Spring Sale. As we explained in December, for the last several years we’ve had to reach beyond our own membership and invite non-weavers to fill empty booth spaces. It made sense to rethink our approach, the Board agreed, and now we’re hosting this exciting event!

The sale is part of the Gathering of the Guilds which has grown to six guilds in 2017 with the addition of the Oregon Potters Association’s Ceramic Showcase. Attendance will be enormous!

You can share in this creative energy even if you’re not interested in selling. We need volunteers to assist at the sale and to demonstrate in the lobby. It’s a great way to get to know other PHG members, meet members of the other Guilds, and to share your love of fiber arts with the public.

An Information Letter with all the details and an Application Form are available here


The highlights:
We are seeking a balance of fiber arts with an eye to quality and creativity.
No commissions on any sales.
All booths are 10x10 and may be shared by up to four people.
An inline 10x10 costs $295; a corner booth costs $345, and the booth at the entrance to our sale costs $395. A limited number of double booths are available.
In 2016 many of you paid a $40 or $50 booth fee plus a 25% commission, the combination of which may have totaled more than the new 2017 booth fees. You may see a net increase!
By allowing up to four people to share a booth, we decided to put the Guild Booth to bed. Low participation and the logistics of coordinating it were among the deciding factors.
Everyone wishing to sell, including each person in a shared booth must submit an on-line application form and digital photos representative of your work. The photos don’t need to be professional but they should at least be in focus.  A jury committee will view the submissions and select which applicants to invite.
Those accepted must become members of PHG if they’re not already.
Each seller must volunteer four hours which can be done in shifts during the sale. If you like, you can ask a friend or family member who is at least 16 years of age to volunteer on your behalf.
As always we welcome your comments and questions, you can email us here.

And tell your fiber artist friends.

Fiber Arts Sale Co-chairs:   Chris Rossi  Beth Poirier

Fall Show and Sale

 Portland Handweavers Guild 2017 Fall Sale


TBA - stay tuned for additional details.

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