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Call for Volunteers - Gathering of the Guilds

The Gathering of the Guilds sale requires a great deal of volunteer help during the sale itself. This includes work within the PHG sales area, fiber arts demonstrations, and responsibilities shared with other participating guilds.


PHG strongly encourages all members to help at the sale, which is our biggest outreach opportunity of the year. It's a great way to meet more guild members and to share our enthusiasm of fiber arts with people attending the sale.


Volunteer duties are described below. Margaret Zeps will schedule volunteers, including demonstrators. You will be available to sign up at all day and evening PHG meetings until the sale and online at SignUp Genius Contact Leanne Streit for help with SignUp Genius Address any questions about schedule requests to Margaret at 503-638-5430 or


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Commentary: A Message from PHG Member Georgia Wier

I have participated as a vendor in four PHG sales since 2014—three fall sales and one spring sale. At my booths, I carried the work of three fiber artists (sometimes including myself) from Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. These artists were not only members of PHG but were participants in of my online gallery of folk and traditional arts, called Handcrafted Art Traditions. I also participated in PHG sales and other craft fairs in the late 1970s and the 1980s with work that I had woven. My ideas about selling fiber art have undoubtedly been informed by all of my craft sales experiences, but I will address primarily my more recent experiences at PHG sales.

I very much appreciated being invited to participate in the PHG sales with the work of area fiber artists from Handcrafted Art Traditions because I had found it VERY difficult to locate venues in the Portland area that were appropriate for the handmade, high quality fiber work that I carried. My appreciation to PHG led me to volunteer to serve on the board and to in other ways “give back” to the organization.

During all the PHG sales, but especially the spring sale with such large numbers of visitors, I found that my main work of being a vendor was as an educator. Many members of the public did not know the difference between braiding and weaving. They didn’t know how to judge the quality of a braided rug or a woven piece. I spent most of my time explaining these processes and concepts to them.

In general, these people did not purchase my items. It was exhausting, but I realized that educating the public about fiber arts was a primary goal of PHG (and me).

I think that it’s important that we remain aware of the fact that all of our vendors truly act as PHG representatives. I witnessed many of them, professional or not, kindly and carefully explaining their techniques to their visitors (who mostly did not make purchases). We need to remember that those among the PHG membership who are “professionals” are really helping us in many ways. Because they bring relatively large numbers of consistently high quality and well-tested products, members of the public can rightfully expect to find something that will fit them or suit their tastes. Other PHG weavers, who work at a more casual pace, can use the sales to showcase

their new or experimental pieces without feeling compelled to produce great quantities of items. The work of the two groups of fiber artists really compliments each other.

What I would like to see happen to make PHG sales better:

1) Promotion of and education about the work of immigrant fiber artist groups (as we have done in the past). That’s educational work that PHG members are well qualified to undertake and that the public needs badly.

2) Training suitable for both our professional and our non-professional fiber artists on pricing and other business practices.

3) More focus on the publicity. I understand that the Spring Sale promotion works very well as a part of Gathering of the Guilds. We’re just starting to give the Fall Sale the publicity attention that it needs.  

Sharing the Joy of Textiles

Every year, the Portland Handweavers Guild sponsors sales to promote and support the work of professional weavers and other textile artists and to educate the public about our craft.


PHG's Semi-Annual Sales

Our semi-annual sales are held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland in the Spring, and at the Multnomah Arts Center in the Fall. The public is invited to these fun events featuring many Northwest weavers and fiber artists plus fashion shows, weaving and spinning demonstrations, and hands-on activities for adults and children.

Spring 2018 Fiber Art Sale:

April 27-29, 2018
Oregon Convention Center

Online registration for the Spring Sale has closed, with more than enough applicants to fill all booths. The Sale Committee will be meeting soon to finalize decisions on participating artists and booth layout. Please stay tuned - a call for volunteers will be forthcoming.

Beth Poirier and Janis Johnson, Spring Sale Co-Chairs

Margaret Zeps

Francisco Bautista

Diane McKinnon