PHG Past Programs


Strawberry Shortcake Social

presented by the phg board

ONLY EVENING meeting, location AUDITORIUM.


Annual strawberry shortcake banquet, approval of 2019-20 spending plan, and election of 2019-20 officers. Day and Evening will meet in the evening. Come socialize!

September 2018

Grant Award: Japanese Textiles

leah hershey

Leah won the 2017 PHG grant and will discuss her trip and will present a slide show.

November 2018

Kumihimo Workshop: 
Please bring a Kumihimo disk.

Rosalie Neilson

Author and PHG member Rosalie Neilson will present a workshop/program on Kumihimo. Please bring a Kumihimo disk and yarn if you would like to participate. Note: the guild will have a few disks to lend but do not have enough for everyone. Please purchase a disk prior to the program if you can.

January 10

Timberline Lodge Restoration Project

linny adamson

Both Meetings will be in ROOM 7


Today, only a handful of original textiles remain in the lodge, as many wore out over time. In 1975 an effort was made by Friends of Timberline (FOT) to replace the hand-made textiles including bedspreads, curtains, rugs, and upholstery. Each guestroom has its own theme related to the original motifs of the lodge. Weaving patterns of traditional designs were based on WPA workers’ fabric samples. Colors were similar to the originals: reds and browns for the Native American motif, green and gold for the natural theme, and so on. Through the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act, FOT hired 11 seamstresses and fabric artists from 1975-1977. Under the direction of Marlene Gabel and in 1977 Linny Adamson, more than 4,000 yards of fabric and 100 rugs were created by craftspeople using the same traditional skills.


Rigid Heddle

deborah jarchow

Morning: ROOM 7


When Deborah discovered weaving in 1996, her life-long love of fiber, texture, and color came together. Since then she has worked full time as a weaver and artist, including teaching fiber arts, creating and selling wearable art, giving lectures, and showing in local, regional, and national exhibits. Her work has been exhibited at many galleries and museums across the country, including
the Gerald R. Ford Museum. She has won numerous awards and written articles for national publications. Her work has been commissioned by many churches and is in many private collections. Since 2004 she has been an Artist in Residence, teacher, and weaver at Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Camarillo, CA.

October 2018

Bateman Weaves

linda davis

In the mid-1900’s, Dr. William Bateman, a Ph.D. in chemistry, spent his retirement years experimenting with weaving. He was not content with exploring only traditional, known weave structures. He developed several new ones that have become known as “Bateman Weaves”. Linda Davis will present an overview of Bateman weaves at the October meeting. Following the guild meeting, she will conduct a workshop on three Bateman tied weaves.

December 13

Mini Workshops

guild member volunteers

Morning Meeting



  • Islamic Geometric Design: Darlene Wingfield

  • Polish Paper Star: Christina Bergmann

Evening Meeting



  • Norwegian Heart-shaped Xmas Basket

  • Indigo Shibori Dying: Judilee Fitzhugh

  • Sock Knitting Machine: Liz Winsche

  • 5 Loop Braiding: Judy Stewart

  • Celebration Lights Origami ($10 material fee includes lights and paper): Debbie Ellis

February 14 

Weaving Ergonomics

Angela Gracia

Morning: ROOM 7



Celebrate the 14th with a love for your healthy body! Angela is a Physical Therapist with Therapeutic Associates Northwest in Gresham. This program will be an "active" session to learn how to avoid aches, pains and injury through proper posture and exercise. Angela came by Ruthie's to observe various aspects of weaving - measuring warp, sleying a reed, threading heddles, beaming and throwing shuttles - and will have a program tailored to our activities.


NOTE: You might want to wear loose clothing for this program.


Ephemeral Textiles of Egypt

nancy hoskins

Morning: ROOM 7


Egyptian pharaohs, gods, goddesses, and Minoan maidens and men wear garments of extraordinary patterned fabrics found only in Late Bronze Age Aegean frescoes and New Kingdom tomb paintings. Scholars have questioned if the fabrics were imaginary and -- if not -- what materials and methods were used to form the color-rich cloth? Art and archaeology merge in my quest to answer that question at the loom. Following the ancient weaving techniques that were used to create weft-faced or boundweave patterned bands that I have studied from the Tomb of Tutankhamun, I have recreated these façonné fabrics found in the Aegean and New Kingdom paintings. The results of this ‘experimental archaeology’ research, weaving, and writing project have been published in a series of ten articles in the Complex Weavers Journal, and were presented at the 2018 American Research in Egypt’s symposium. The program includes a slide presentation and a display of handwoven samples.


Nancy Arthur Hoskins, author, artist, and teacher has lectured, taught, exhibited, and researched nationally and internationally. She is the author of three books The Coptic Tapestry Albums and the Archaeologist of Antinoé, Albert Gayet, Weft-Faced Pattern Weaves: Tabby to Taqueté, Universal Stitches, and a video teaching tapeBoundweaving, and over one hundred articles. Nancy was a college weaving instructor from 1981-96. She led Textile Tours of Egypt in 2009 and again in 2010.


Damascus Fiber Art School Tapestry

audrey moore + terry olson

Audrey is a life-time member of PHG and will discuss the Damascus Fiber Art School, where she currently teaches, with an overview of tapestry. Terry Olson will join her, Terry also teaches tapestry at Damascus.


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