The Banner Project

by Debbie Ellis

The Banner Project, the brainchild of Debbie, is a public handweaving project, which became a very long, colorful banner and will be gifted to a worthy cause. Visitors were instructed briefly by Debbie and gained a sense of weaving basics. 

The photos are close ups of what some of her non-weavers accomplished!

About Debbie:

Debbie Ellis has been a weaver, spinner and dyer since 1995. She teaches fiber dyeing classes in the area and markets her weavings, fibers, yarns and other artwork in fiber and art shows throughout the region, under the name Artisan Fibers. Because people are often intimidated by the complexities of weaving, Debbie has created a public weaving program called "The Banner Project: Learn. Create. Share." The premise is simple - to invite all members of the public, experienced and non-experienced alike, to sit awhile at very simple looms and weave with guidance from experienced weavers. She hopes that people will enjoy contributing to a worthwhile project, and will feel inspired to pursue weaving in the future. NOTE: The community is the real maker in this project. My associates and I are merely facilitators.


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