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How do I access the Members ONLY area?

You must be a paid member. Once you have paid for the PHG membership you can log on by going to the "Log In" area at the top left of this website.

What if I have never signed on before?

After clicking on "Log In" you should see "New to this site? Sign Up" and you should click on the "Sign Up" to create your log in with your specified email and a password of your choice.

What if I forgot my password?

After clicking on "Log In" you should see "Forgot password?" at the bottom of the log in area, just above the Log In button. Click "Forgot password?" to reset your password. Note: you will need to enter your email associated with your PHG member log in you originally created. The Wix site will then send you a reset password email where you can change your password. The PHG Webmaster does not have access to these.

Where do I find the member directory?

The member directory is located under the Members menu.

Where is the member forum?

The member forum is located under the Members menu.

How do I receive updates from the Member forum?

Make sure you allow emails from

For initial post emails:

1. Click on Members menu and go to Forum.

2. Under each topic on the right side it will say "Following" which means you are following the topic or "Follow" which means you are not currently following the topic.

3. To update you should click on "Following" or "Follow" and you can update the setting.

For other updates on forum:

1. Click on your profile icon at the left top of the site page.

2. Select Profile.

3. Select Settings.

4. Make changes on how you would like to receive email notifications:

  • Likes: When someone likes one of your posts.

  • Comments: When someone comments on one of your posts. 

  • Follows: When there is a new post from a member you follow or in a category you follow.

  • General: When there are forum actions (for example, if the admin makes you a moderator).  

Who is the current PHG Webmaster?

Amy Belgan,


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