PHG 2019-2020 Programs

June 11 , 2020

Strawberry Shortcake Social

presented by the phg board



PHG spending plan, and election of 2020-21 officers. We'll also see what projects you have completed from the December Design Challenge! Come socialize!

October 10, 2019:
Theo Moorman Technique

Heather winslow

Morning: Room 7

Evening: Auditorium

Heather Winslow is a nationally known and respected teacher and textile artist. Her educational background is in teaching, and after 45 years she still has a passion to share her knowledge with others. She is chairman of the textile department of The Fine Line Creative Arts Center (St. Charles, Illinois) where she teaches weaving, knitting and spinning. She is a regular teacher at Sievers School (Washington Island, Wisconsin) and has taught at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts (Gatlinburg, Tennessee) and The Weaver’s School (Coupville, Washington).
Heather teaches weaving, knitting, spinning, dyeing, beading and embellishment at guilds, shops, and at state, regional, national, and international conferences. Her one-of-a-kind garments have been exhibited internationally and are in several private collections. Her articles have appeared in magazines including Handwoven, Spin-Off and Weaver’s and her garments have been published in a number of books. She is the author of the book, More on Moorman: Theo Moorman Inlay Adapted to Clothing.

December 12, 2019:

The Design Game


Morning: Room 7

Evening: Auditorium

Collaborate with other weavers in this design challenge! Design a woven project based on randomly chosen parameters such as weave structure, size, fiber content, etc. Have fun, meet other guild members and learn from them!

February 13, 2020:
Textile Hive: Bridging Generations & Interests

caleb sayan

Morning: Room 7

Evening: Auditorium

Global in scope, Textile Hive helps designers, educators, and students contextualize the history, techniques, and exquisite textiles found in the Andrea Aranow Textile Design Collection. Comprised of over 40,000 textiles -- patterns, prints, weaves, needlework, lace, knits, and dying methods.   Caleb Sayan, co-founder of Textile Hive and the son of Andrea Aranow, will discuss his experience working with the collection including the project to digitize and catalog the collection for online use. The talk will include hands-on time with samples from the collection as well as updates on the recent initiatives Portland Textile Month and the TextileXchange.

April 9, 2020:




The leap from weaving with commercial yarns to weaving with handspun yarns may seem like a major expedition. But, with some thought and preparation, the journey can be exciting and very rewarding.
Join us for a ‘Been There, Done That’ presentation about fiber selection, weaving project considerations, and successful and, yes, some not so successful outcomes, that will cover all the bumpy potholes to super highways that one weaver who spins has experienced. There will be some demonstrations of spinning techniques specifically for weaving, handspun/handwoven project examples, and time for a healthy discussion.

September 12, 2019:
Ripped About Rep

rosalie neilson

Morning & Evening in Room 7.

This photographic overview documents both the design process and practical details of the weave structure known as warp-faced rep, oftentimes referred to by the Swedish word for rep mat or ripsmatta. See how curves from nature – a wren, a crow, a leaf, a frozen river seen from an airplane window – inspire the creation of colorful wall hangings and rugs.

November 14, 2019:
Fibrevolution: American Linen Revial

Shannon welsh

Morning: Room 7

Evening: Auditorium

Mission: “Fibrevolution is a producer of high quality organic long line bast fiber, born of regenerative and sustainable systems, regional manufacturing and community activism.

We envision a regional farming network, centered around a bast fiber processing facility in Oregon, which will grow, produce, and distribute bast fiber to textile, apparel, and biocomposite markets.”
We want local fiber. We want it organic. We want the people in every step of the process to be valued. We want to cause the least harm and spread the most good.

Our region has an abundance of wool and diverse animal fibers, suitable for cool weather textiles and apparel, but for a hot summer day, working in the fields, a nice linen farm shirt would be ideal. After thoroughly researching the successes and mistakes of the Willamette Valley's historic fiber industry, we believe in the economic and environmental viability of flax.

January 9, 2020:
Learning from Mistakes / Show & Tell & Conversation

linda edquist

Morning & Evening in Room 7.

Who has not learned from a mistake they have made or from a fellow weavers mistake? I hope that is a unanimous yes!

As a professional seamstress/designer & conservator these last 50 years I have often been told by others “well  you never make mistakes on your pieces” – makes me laugh every time.  I have made THOUSANDS of mistakes in my work I just don’t fret about redoing the wrong and learning from it.  Now entering my weaving phase of life I would like to learn from all you on how to avoid repeating a mistake that others have made.

Come with stories and examples to share with everyone!

March 12, 2020:

Parallel Threads that Parallel Life

daryl lancaster

Morning: Room 7

Evening: Auditorium

Daryl Lancaster, artist, teacher, hand-weaver, writer, and professional dressmaker/designer with over 50 years’ experience will be discussing her views and her perspective on hand-woven clothing, recycled experiences and the creative process.  Daryl will talk about her adventurous journey over the years with hand-woven clothing showing images and samples of her fabrics and garments.

May 14, 2020:
Rayon Chenille & Beyond (4 Harness Weaving)

deborah jarchow

Virtual Zoom Meeting, details will be emailed out a few days before. If you are a member and do not receive the newsletter please let us know your name and email.

In this program I talk about the characteristics of rayon chenille and how understanding its structure makes weaving with chenille easier. I give tips for working with it and show and discuss various items I’ve woven with it. I’ll bring samples of my work showing chenille with beads or sequins woven into the fabric as well as samples showing differential shrinkage using chenille and wool or chenille and elastic.


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