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The Gathering of the Guilds at the Oregon Convention Center will not take place this May. It has been rescheduled to October 30 - November 1. More details to follow as they develop.

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Thanks to everyone who volunteered

and attended GOTG 2019!

If you would like more more info about the artists see below.

PHG Artist's:

Bautista Weaving

Francisco Bautista

Judee Moonbeam

Luce Knots Hand Woven

Lucy Defranco

Shuttle Creek

Annie Fischer

Fowler Handwovens

Cindy Fowler

Corienne Geddes Handwovens

Corienne Geddes

Circle Couture

Ann Hymas

Blithe Jensen

A Bit of This & That​

Hand Woven Hand Knits

Lars Jensen

Janis Johnson
Fiber Arts LLC

Reclaimed Wool

Heidi Leugers

Mariola Mazur

Elsewhere Fibers

Teresa McFarland

Joan mcgee

Leather Shibori

Thistle Patch Fiber Studio

Diane McKinnon

Thimbleberry Felt Designs

Tylar Merrill


Beth Poirier Handwovens

Tom Poirier Handwovens

Tom Poirier

The Wynter Rayne Collection

Wynter Rayne

Fringe Benefits Weaving

Megan Rothstein

Teresa Ruch Designs


Kathy Sengenberger

Fashion Images

Dorothy Ling Skea

Genie the Weaver

Genie Stewart

Trillium Fiber Arts

Leanne Streit

Kim Thompson Fiber Arts

Kim Thompson


Susie Walker

Jane Wilson

Gourd Artist​

ReRugs by Liz

Liz Winsche

Sylvan Dyers Circle

EVA douthit

Judilee Fitzhugh

Jo Ellen Helgesen

EVA douthit

Ilsa Perse

Chris Rossi

Isabel Sterling

A Big thanks to our members that participated in the PHG fall sale 2019:

A.Belgan tapestry Amy Belgan

Mary Cronk

Eva douthit

judilee fitzhugh

Fowler Handwovens Cindy Fowler

linda gettmann

jo helgesen

Blithe Jensen A Bit of This & That​

Hand Woven Hand Knits Lars Jensen
Janis Johnson fiber Arts

Reclaimed Wool Heidi Leugers
ann lindstrom

Maury Mairs

Mariola Mazur

elsewhere fibers Teresa McFarland

thistle patch fiber studio Diane McKinnon

Judee Moonbeam

Rory Mutton

Ilsa Perse

the Wynter Rayne collection Wynter Rayne

Chris Rossi

fringe benefits weaving Megan Rothstein

wovenwears Kathy Sengenberger

Monica Shanahan

Judy Stewart

Isabel Stirling

trillium fiber arts Leanne Streit

Jane Wilson Gourds Jane Wilson


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