PHG Workshop Policy

Amended on April 25, 2019

As a benefit to its members, PHG will sponsor workshops. Responsibility for
administering workshops will rest with the Workshop Chairperson(s) as described in
section 6 below.


  1. Costs of Workshop Instructor to be covered by PHG.  Payment due the instructor will be clarified through a contract between the instructor and PHG, executed by the instructor (or his/her/their designee) and the PHG President.  PHG will pay for the instructor(s)’s teaching fees, lodging, meals, transportation as follows:

    • PHG will pay the instructor’s rate as negotiated by the workshop chair.

    • PHG will offer a host home to the workshop instructor(s) if he/she/they reside more than 30 miles from the workshop venue, unless otherwise agreed. If no host home is available that meets the needs of the instructor(s), PHG may, at its discretion, reimburse the instructor for lodging at a local hotel up to a maximum of $125 per night.

    • PHG will provide lunch for the guest lecturer, at his or her request, to a maximum of $20 for each day that the instructor is leading the workshop. Other social activities are at the option of the workshop attendees.

    • PHG will pay mileage at the then-current IRS rate, unless otherwise agreed.  PHG will pay for common carrier transportation at the coach-class rate; the instructor will be responsible for any upgraded transportation.  PHG will reimburse the instructor for transportation subject to the instructor submitting a receipt for expenses.

    • Any materials costs should be paid separately by the workshop participants to the instructor.

  2. Priority of PHG Members; Non-Member Enrollment.  Anyone may sign up for workshops in priority order as follows.  First priority to enroll in a PHG sponsored workshop will be given to PHG members. If there is space available within two (2) weeks of the workshop (or another date if one is listed in the workshop announcement) and if it is feasible for the potential enrollee to complete required pre-workshop tasks in time, individuals who are members of guilds within the Weaving Guilds of Oregon (WeGO) will be given second priority with no surcharge on a first-come, first served basis.  If space still remains available, the Workshop Chair may open registration to non-members with a $25 surcharge, also on a first-come, first-served basis.

  3. Benefits to the Workshop Chair and Host.  The Workshop Chairperson will not pay workshop fees, but must pay the materials fee if participating. The President(s) will pay fees unless he/she/they are serving as the Chairperson for the workshop he/she/they wishes to take. The host of the workshop leader will be given a voucher $25.00 per night of hosting applicable to the workshop fee. This voucher may be used by the host or, if the host has a family membership, anyone covered by the family membership, and is otherwise nontransferable. (Adopted November 3, 2005).

  4. Recovery of Other Workshop Costs.  Fees for the Workshop should be designed to recover costs of the instructor’s fee, transportation, workshop fees of the Workshop Chair and host (if applicable), room rental (if applicable), risk, and a portion of administrative costs. PHG will not provide participants with complimentary snacks or beverages, nor include their cost in the workshop pricing structure. Attendees are free to bring their own food, snacks and beverages subject to approval by the instructor and consistent with any restrictions of the site. 

  5. Workshop Profits.  The intent is for workshops to be self-supporting on the average over the PHG year rather than for each individual workshop to break even or earn a small profit.  Any workshop profits will go to the PHG general fund; they are not earmarked to support future workshops.

  6. Duties and Responsibilities of the Workshop Chair.  The Workshop Chair is responsible for:

    • identifying possible workshop opportunities of interest to the general membership of PHG,

    • working collaboratively with other PHG leaders, particularly the person(s) responsible for monthly programs, to determine whether the proposed workshop leader can also lead the monthly program(s),

    • negotiating any fees and contractual agreements with the instructor to be signed by the instructor and PHG President, 

    • finding an appropriate workshop venue and handling any necessary contracts and fees as may be required for the room rental,

    • determining the workshop fee to be paid by each enrollee that will cover all costs of the workshop (including any gratis workshops, risk, and indirect costs) and any deposit amount, 

    • notifying the Treasurer of amounts due to the instructor and requesting a PHG check for paying the instructor’s expenses,

    • advertising the workshop in the PHG newsletter and other appropriate outlets, 

    • handling registration, 

    • serving as an intermediary between the instructor and attendees to assure that the instructor has necessary student contact information, and that students have any pre-workshop preparatory information, 

    • collecting fees from students, 

    • sending the invoice for room rental to the Treasurer, \

    • presenting payments to the instructor and workshop venue, 

    • getting workshop fees received from students to the Treasurer for deposit in the bank account,

    • giving any workshop materials fees collected to the instructor,

    • notifying the Director of Education of any issues or concerns that (a) may require intervention or action beyond the authority of the Workshop Chairperson, such as approving additional speaker expense reimbursements or modifying a contract, (b) that have an adverse impact on the workshop offering, such as unexpected loss of site or low enrollment that could mean canceling the workshop, or (c) the Workshop Chair requires additional expertise or resources to resolve. 

    • reporting workshop income and expenses after the workshop in a close-out report to the Director of Education.

  7. Registration, deposits, and fees.  The Workshop Chair shall determine and announce a timeline for registration deadlines given the date(s) of the workshop and based on the type of workshop and needs of the workshop leader and students to prepare in advance of the workshop. 

    Workshop fees are due and payable in full at the time of registration, unless the logistics of the workshop require a different timeline publicized by the Workshop Chair. The Workshop Chair may agree to a later date if there are extenuating circumstances at his/her/their discretion, or to accommodate late enrollees such as non-members described in paragraph 2 above. 

    Materials fees assessed by the instructor on a per student basis are the responsibility of the enrollee unless specifically described otherwise in the contract between PHG and the instructor.  The student will pay for any materials fees separately at the time listed in the workshop announcement. The workshop chair may collect them on behalf of the instructor.

    A deposit paid by an enrollee to hold his/her/their place in the workshop will count toward the enrollee’s total workshop fee and is non-refundable.  The deposit may be paid at any time after the workshop is announced. The balance of the workshop fee is due and payable on or before the date identified in the workshop announcement, with two (2) weeks prior a general guideline.

    If an enrollee has not paid all fees in full, the workshop chair may, at his/her/their discretion, disqualify the enrollee from participation in the workshop.  

  8. Cancellation.  An enrollee may cancel his/her/their enrollment with a full refund of amounts paid over the non-refundable deposit if notice of cancellation is received by the workshop chair at least one full month prior to the workshop, unless an earlier date is announced in the workshop announcement. Half of any workshop fees above the non-refundable deposit is refundable if cancellation is received by the workshop chair from one (1) month to two (2) weeks of the workshop.  The workshop fees paid are non-refundable if cancellation is requested less than two (2) weeks prior to the workshop. 

  9. Transfer of Enrollment.  Workshop enrollees who wishes to cancel may, however, transfer their enrollment (an)other person(s) provided that the enrollee notifies the workshop chair of the change and the workshop chair has no objection.  If enrollment is transferred, the transferee is responsible for all workshop fees and any materials fees. If any fees have already been paid by the individual who cancelled, then the transferee is responsible for reimbursing the initial enroll.  

  10. Disqualification of Benefit.  If an enrollee has habitually failed to pay as described in this policy, disrupted workshops, or otherwise abused the workshop benefit provided by PHG, then the Workshop Chair or any other PHG member may provide the Board with a complaint, information to support the complaint, and a recommendation to disqualify the enrollee from future benefits.  The Board will allow the enrollee an opportunity to respond to the complaint, consider the complaint and response, and make its decision in writing to the enrollee.

  11. Guests.  PHG does not allow guests, visitors or auditors. Only the workshop leader and those who are enrolled in the workshop may attend.


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